Tuesday, 17 March 2009

A Message from Andy Gillman MBE

Jay - I am out for the rest of the week supporting students across the
UK but first I must thank you and the students for your welcome and
hospitality last week. They were a superb bunch and when they are like
that, it makes the sessions so enjoyable - no wonder you look to stay
with these cohorts. I have a good picture of a Mr Glover undertaking
role play for a job - perhaps we ought to place it on the college
intranet with a caption competition afterwards !!
I have trawled the Hammersmith mentors to see who is free on the 7th May
to host your visit so we will see what happens.

Keep in touch -
Regards as always

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Jay said...

It's clear that you all made a really good impression when Andy came to visit. Also, I am getting good feedback from DB Learning (with one exception (late, poor attitude, would never get a job with that approach...)So well done all of you!